Critics Call Elf the Musical Overpriced, Give Mixed Reviews

elfElf the musical made headlines earlier this year when it became known that it will be the most expensive West End show previous years. Tickets for the show will be as smart as £240 each.

While some news in the United Kingdom described the show as “magic for a steep price”, not all entertainment critics in the UK are agreeing with a mere positive assessment of the hyped musical.

Dominic Cavendish, one of the nation’s renowned critics said that the musical air is likely bound to make many kids happy even if it will likely leave “a lot of parents very broke”.

While he was not stating that the musical would be bad he called it a rather generic production.

His opinion about Fotster: “He’s no Ferrell, but this perfect specimen of arrested masculine development still twinkles cutely, brightly, sweetly”, he said.

The musical that first ran on Broadway in New York is retelling the story of a man was brought up as one of Santa’s elves. The elf is travelling to New York where he meets his real father after he learned that he is human.

The Stage’s Mark Shenton sad that the show is an “amiable, good-natured seasonal show” but also called it an overpriced Christmas spectacle.

Like Cavendish he praised Forster’s performance but did not have too good things to say about the rest of the show. He said that he thinks some parts of the musical “a bit two-dimensional by comparison”.

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On Apprenticeships In Business

For graduates in the UK who are looking to get into a promising business career, finding the right position at a suitable company often can prove rather difficult. In this very competitive sector, employers are increasingly wanting real job experience which means that fresh graduates are normally at a severe disadvantage looking for a position.

Apprenticeships In Business
Apprenticeships In Business: The Start To A Great Career

Today, graduates in business must go out of their way and think about other options to increase their chances to get hired.

One of those options can be to start out a business career by taking on an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships in business will provide multiple benefits. Moreover, an apprenticeship can save the graduate the hassles of having to search for a suitable position on the open job market.

In the UK, employers in business are in general more willing to hire an apprentice. If you apply for an apprenticeship, you show dedication and motivation and most importantly a willingness to learn. For employers, those are highly desired traits.

The chance to get hired full-time after your apprenticeship which may last anywhere from 12 to 18 months are very high. Once your apprenticeship commences, the employer will know about your qualities and value for their company. This is the reason that more than 90% of apprentices in many industries get hired later.

Even in those cases where your apprenticeship won’t result in a full-time position, your apprenticeship certainly was no waste of time. With an apprenticeship on your CV you will increase your hiring chances significantly, you will have an edge over most other graduates.

If want to start a great business career in the United Kingdom, consider an apprenticeship.

What E-Invoicing Can Do For Your Business

Even for businesses that handle only a moderate amount of invoices on a regular basis, E Invoicing can be a great time and cost saver. The reason for this is that a normal invoicing process usually takes up a lot of time: Paper invoices are traditionally sent via postal mail. In addition to that, once an invoice is received, its data needs to be transferred manually into an accounting system, a process which not only takes additional time but is also prone to errors.

e invoiceE invoicing addresses all those issues.

Your paper invoice is converted into an electronic format. This is usually done by an electronic invoice service provider to whom you will send the invoice file by email.

The electronic invoice service provider will be dispatching the electronic invoice to your recipient afterwards.

In addition to the time savings of instantly being able to send and receive invoices, this process also helps with the management of your invoices since all the data is centrally kept at one single web server. Obviously this also means that the data from paper invoices doesn’t have to be transferred by hand any longer.

If a business wants to take advantage of electronic invoicing there are only minimal changes required. You can still continue to create your invoices as usual, with the only difference to send them to the electronic invoice service provider rather then sending the invoice to your supplier directly. There is also no requirement for any special equipment. Most of the time, using electronic invoicing will only cost a minimal fee.

For many businesses today, electronic invoicing can be a big time and cost saver.

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Teens With Poor Memory More Likely to Become Substance Abusers

Wonder whether your child will become a drug user?

According to a new study, teenagers who are easily distracted and impulsive are most likely to become drug addicts. One main reason that plays a role is how the teenager’s brain handles memory according to researchers.

The study which was conducted by The University of Oregon continues to say that executive attention, a component of working memory that involves a person’s ability to focus on a task and ignore distractions while processing relevant goal-oriented information, is key.

The researchers observed and surveyed 382 young adults. The results of the study are a rare view of how young people today find entry into drug use, alcohol and tobacco.

The study was led by Atika Khurana who is a professor in the Department of Counseling Psychology and Human Services.

Fire Shuts Down Didcot Plant But Energy Secretary Pledges “No Blackouts This Winter”

ed-daveyOn the background of the shut-down of several aged power plants and the recent fire that lead to a closure of Didcot’s plant in Oxford, the UK’s Energy Secretary announced new emergency energy saving measures.

Those measures include incentives for companies to use less power such as that hotels will get paid if they to turn down refrigerators and that factories will get compensated to make staff work overnight to cut energy consumption and prevent blackouts this winter.

In a move to prevent power blackouts this winter, energy regulators requested extra contingency measures to cut consumption in the event of a cold winter or more power station failures.

Some experts had been warning that the UK is now at risk of power shortages following the fire at Didcot B, a gas-fired plant in Oxfordshire and the recent closure of several aged nuclear power plants.

The Energy Secretary will unveil a package of contingency measures which will help  reduce pressure on the National Grid over the winter months.

Along with those measures, a number of disused power stations will be brought back into service to increase supply, according to Mr Davey.

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Graduates in The UK Today Have The Best Job Prospects

A new study shows that job prospects for graduates in the UK today are the best since the onset of the financial crisis.

The BDO Employment Index that represents companies’ hiring intentions during a three month time period increased to 108.8 in June to 109.6 this past month. This is a sign that hiring in the United Kingdom is going to further increase for the remainder of the year.

Likewise, the study showed that the number of UK companies that want to hire this year rose at its fastest rate in 16 years.

Peter Hemington from BDO in a statement to the press: “The good news is that the unprecedented growth we’ve seen in UK employment this year looks set to continue, providing this year’s university graduates with a welcome dose of good news in terms of job and salary prospects.”



The Best Education For A Career In Psychology

A lot of folks here in the United Kingdom take good education for granted. They send their children off to public school, as so many do, yet may not be aware that this can already be one deciding factor for their children’s later career later on. Public schools in the UK may not be the best option if you’re looking to maximize the chances your children will have later on.

A Good Private School For Your Children’s Bright Future

In recent studies it has been confirmed that those pupils who attend private or independent schools in the UK are usually those that will go to the better universities later on.

What’s more, studies showed a significant earnings advantage with those children who were privately educated as compared to those children that went to public schools. The difference here can be as much as £200,000 according to an article in The Independent.

For that reason it should be clear that you want to look into a private school for your children. This is in particular true if you wish for them to get a rewarding career later on, be it the field of psychology, science or medicine. With a private school you can increase your children’s chances for success greatly.

What private schools can I recommend?

The UK has fortunately a good selection on renowned and well established independent and private schools. Where you want to send your children can depend on many factors. For me, I chose the private school Hertfordshire where I know that my children don’t only get the best education but are also taught moral values such as tolerance and acceptance. This is exactly what’s often lacking in today’s public schools.

In my opinion, even the best education may be rather useless when the children are not getting taught other values as well. I want my children to grow up mature and responsibly and think that private schools are much better suited for such a task. I don’t want to make any compromises when it comes to my children. Good education and teaching of healthy moral values has certainly a high priority, this is why I choose a good private school for them.