What Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is an effective form of psychotherapy that can help patients with a variety of problems, mood- and behavioural disorders . What makes cognitive behaviour therapy different to other forms of therapy is that it focuses on solutions rather than finding the causes for conflict. CBT also actively encourages patients and helps them to change behaviour patterns… More →

Critics Call Elf the Musical Overpriced, Give Mixed Reviews

Elf the musical made headlines earlier this year when it became known that it will be the most expensive West End show previous years. Tickets for the show will be as smart as £240 each. While some news in the United Kingdom described the show as “magic for a steep price”, not all entertainment critics in the UK are agreeing… More →

On Apprenticeships In Business

For graduates in the UK who are looking to get into a promising business career, finding the right position at a suitable company often can prove rather difficult. In this very competitive sector, employers are increasingly wanting real job experience which means that fresh graduates are normally at a severe disadvantage looking for a position. Today, graduates in business must… More →

Teens With Poor Memory More Likely to Become Substance Abusers

Wonder whether your child will become a drug user? According to a new study, teenagers who are easily distracted and impulsive are most likely to become drug addicts. One main reason that plays a role is how the teenager’s brain handles memory according to researchers. The study which was conducted by The University of Oregon continues to say that executive… More →

Fire Shuts Down Didcot Plant But Energy Secretary Pledges “No Blackouts This Winter”

On the background of the shut-down of several aged power plants and the recent fire that lead to a closure of Didcot’s plant in Oxford, the UK’s Energy Secretary announced new emergency energy saving measures. Those measures include incentives for companies to use less power such as that hotels will get paid if they to turn down refrigerators and that… More →