Critics Call Elf the Musical Overpriced, Give Mixed Reviews

elfElf the musical made headlines earlier this year when it became known that it will be the most expensive West End show previous years. Tickets for the show will be as smart as £240 each.

While some news in the United Kingdom described the show as “magic for a steep price”, not all entertainment critics in the UK are agreeing with a mere positive assessment of the hyped musical.

Dominic Cavendish, one of the nation’s renowned critics said that the musical air is likely bound to make many kids happy even if it will likely leave “a lot of parents very broke”.

While he was not stating that the musical would be bad he called it a rather generic production.

His opinion about Fotster: “He’s no Ferrell, but this perfect specimen of arrested masculine development still twinkles cutely, brightly, sweetly”, he said.

The musical that first ran on Broadway in New York is retelling the story of a man was brought up as one of Santa’s elves. The elf is travelling to New York where he meets his real father after he learned that he is human.

The Stage’s Mark Shenton sad that the show is an “amiable, good-natured seasonal show” but also called it an overpriced Christmas spectacle.

Like Cavendish he praised Forster’s performance but did not have too good things to say about the rest of the show. He said that he thinks some parts of the musical “a bit two-dimensional by comparison”.

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