Fire Shuts Down Didcot Plant But Energy Secretary Pledges “No Blackouts This Winter”

ed-daveyOn the background of the shut-down of several aged power plants and the recent fire that lead to a closure of Didcot’s plant in Oxford, the UK’s Energy Secretary announced new emergency energy saving measures.

Those measures include incentives for companies to use less power such as that hotels will get paid if they to turn down refrigerators and that factories will get compensated to make staff work overnight to cut energy consumption and prevent blackouts this winter.

In a move to prevent power blackouts this winter, energy regulators requested extra contingency measures to cut consumption in the event of a cold winter or more power station failures.

Some experts had been warning that the UK is now at risk of power shortages following the fire at Didcot B, a gas-fired plant in Oxfordshire and the recent closure of several aged nuclear power plants.

The Energy Secretary will unveil a package of contingency measures which will helpĀ  reduce pressure on the National Grid over the winter months.

Along with those measures, a number of disused power stations will be brought back into service to increase supply, according to Mr Davey.

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