The Best Education For A Career In Psychology

A lot of folks here in the United Kingdom take good education for granted. They send their children off to public school, as so many do, yet may not be aware that this can already be one deciding factor for their children’s later career later on. Public schools in the UK may not be the best option if you’re looking to maximize the chances your children will have later on.

A Good Private School For Your Children’s Bright Future

In recent studies it has been confirmed that those pupils who attend private or independent schools in the UK are usually those that will go to the better universities later on.

What’s more, studies showed a significant earnings advantage with those children who were privately educated as compared to those children that went to public schools. The difference here can be as much as £200,000 according to an article in The Independent.

For that reason it should be clear that you want to look into a private school for your children. This is in particular true if you wish for them to get a rewarding career later on, be it the field of psychology, science or medicine. With a private school you can increase your children’s chances for success greatly.

What private schools can I recommend?

The UK has fortunately a good selection on renowned and well established independent and private schools. Where you want to send your children can depend on many factors. For me, I chose the private school Hertfordshire where I know that my children don’t only get the best education but are also taught moral values such as tolerance and acceptance. This is exactly what’s often lacking in today’s public schools.

In my opinion, even the best education may be rather useless when the children are not getting taught other values as well. I want my children to grow up mature and responsibly and think that private schools are much better suited for such a task. I don’t want to make any compromises when it comes to my children. Good education and teaching of healthy moral values has certainly a high priority, this is why I choose a good private school for them.